Friend Problems

There are just some things friends shouldn’t share

Don’t get me wrong its nice when you can share things with people that you wouldn’t with most.

but i’m not the kind of person that likes to share, even with my best of friends. I’m depressed, borderline suicidal and generally fucked up in most ways (not that anyone knows these things, because they are MY PERSONAL PROBLEMS that i DON’T want people to know about or think about or treat me differently for) and as most of my friends know, generally uncomfortable when it comes to ‘grown up’ conversations about Yo-hoos and Peepees and/or about how much you like to get high in the janitors closet before you go and help teach a class of disabled school children.

i don’t want to know about your genital warts and your hemeroids, which also means that i don’t want to see the pill for it that your about to shove up your anus.

so here are the quickest ways to make me hate you

  • Tell me all about your drug and alcohol usage as if its something eveyone should do.
  • Tell me about your disgusting medical conditions
  • tell me about your sex life



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