Life Problems

The Bad Thing About Windows

And people related to you that smoke under them

Sometimes in life you don’t know what you’re missing, sitting in your room all day, not socialising with your family, like “normal” people.

Until one day you move into a house where, your bedroom has a condensation issue, you close the window and water appears all over the walls..followed closely by mold and because you have no money and sometimes very little practical sense to look up/buy a dehumidifier the window stays open.

A constantly open window allows for thick black cancerous substances to fill your entire room! and for you to realise just how inconsiderate the c**ts you live with are. “what’s that? I’ve told you a million times to stop smoking under my window?… yes i believe i have.. so why the fuck have you continued to?!”

A continually open window also allows you to hear EVERYTHING your loud mouthed fuck wits have to say to each other about you. And most of the time its really insulting and makes you want to drop eggs on their heads… hm actually.. thats not a bad idea…

2 humans.. 2 eggs?


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