Life Problems · Love Problems

Things to do..

Sometimes.. well okay, almost always.. i’ll drop whatever I’m doing, no matter how important it is, just for a bit of attention from that one special person i can actually stand to talk to or be around.. (in hind sight, lets give him a name.. Roy will do)

So Monster Hunter Portable 3rd isn’t necessarily the best game ever in the history  of games, but its pretty good if you have nothing else to do or just really like killing monsters.. and you can’t really add it to your CV or cover-letter when you’re unemployed and looking for work… my point being that i really need a job and just spent a much required 3 and a half hours playing a game instead of doing my job search.. which i’ll have to make up out of the time i was going to spend asleep

GOD DAMN IT ROY.. i have shit to do you know..

(not that i argued in any way at all… damn it.. why am i so needy?!)


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