Life Problems

Reasons I hate gaming with my 25 year old Brother

Top 5 Reasons

  • The Awful AWFUL music. now i know not everyone has the same taste in things they listen too, but you’d think a middle ground could be established but no. absolute refusal. It only makes it worse that he has to sing along as well.


  • To much information in a short amount of time. You know those helpful on screen pop ups that tell you want you have to do during the game? Well good luck reading them while getting completely useless information stuffed into your brain! and oh look, you’re now last place because you don’t know what you’re doing.


  • The constant paranoia (and i know he can’t help it but Jesus fucking Christ). My little brothers room is right above my older brothers. and if theres the slightest little bump or bang. He pauses and goes running to the front door “it sounded like someone was knocking on the door” it did not sound like that at all.. FOR ONE THING our front door is made of damn glass so its the most absolutely different sound you can imagine. calm your man tits.


  • Everything has to be done Instantly. this one is the MOST annoying. it doesn’t matter if i’m playing an online game or watching a film or something. apparently because i said “maybe” i would play something it automatically means that i have to even if im busy. which is why i’ve been saying NO the instant he knocks on my door for the past 6 months.


  • His room stinks. it smells of sweaty feet and farts. and if i ever open a window he closes it within about 10 seconds. LOAD UP YOUR GAS MASKS GUYS!

Everything about him is annoying.. EVERYTHING.

But then I hate everyone so its not all that surprising that he annoys the shit out of me… Sigh


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