Life Problems

It Would Seem I Spoke Too Soon

So Yesterday i was yelling at my brother (15) because he’d shit all over the bathroom, and not cleaned it up and seemingly wiped his ass on a drinks bottle and left it in the bathroom on the floor (now you maybe thinking he’s mentally handicapped or something like my other brother with schizophrenia, but you would be completely wrong). My mother, being such a lovely person, starts yelling at me (after doing shit all about the bathroom herself) telling me that i’m worse than a 15 year old that can’t use a toilet and wipe their own ass with toilet paper BECAUSE i have a few plates in my room..

now i don’t know what some of you may have done, but i got severly pissed off. like beyond the avarage rage you may feel from time to time.

Thus i was yelling more, and i made a froidiant slip and told her i’ve been thinking about killing myself (froidiant because i don’t need the attention so much that i go around waving that particular information to everyone and anyone who pisses me off just so i can get the higher moral ground). HOWEVER.. she proceeded to tell me to go right ahead, and “good, i won’t have to do any washing up” now you maybe think also that it was just the ‘heat of the argument’ or what ever.

Then please explain to me why she sat outside my open window (ref-windows are bad) for TWO HOURS, with my older brother insulting me and talking about how inconvenient my existence is.

To which i proceeded to punch a solid brick wall, fucking up my hand, and then drink an entire bottle of 25% Alcohol.

I see MANY expensive therapy sessions in my future .. and a lot of AA meetings.

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