Life Problems

If only I had Less to complain about

I’m speaking generally of course

My hand is half bruise at the moment, which obviously makes typing rather painful. Thus my lack of regularity and many hours between my rants at this point in time.

Sometimes, I wonder how much i would complain about if I could afford to live by myself. probably nothing at all. It would be quiet all the time, it wouldn’t smell like foot fungus and sweat and like the mens toilets in bad clubs. It probably wouldnt smell great, because of my dog, but it would still smell better.

I wouldn’t have to put up with everyone elses noise (thus expanding on the whole ‘it would be quiet point) the terrible music the constant badgering and annoyance of other humans thinking they’re the boss of me, or asking to use my stuff…. OR waking me up at 4am JUST when i’ve managed to fall asleep because “i need your this or that” or “Do you have my..”


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