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4 Reasons I Talk To Myself

Reason 1

I’m Bored / Boring

Generally I’m not very good at entertaining myself. though lately i have bought over 10 (fairly decent lengthen) books and only read 2 … Almost 3… of the shorter ones. I’m always complaining that i have nothing to do, but am far too lazy to actually get up and do something.. or even pick up the book thats in arms reach and read it. Thus i sit there and think about random selfish plots to life.

Reason 2


Sometimes when i have to do something… and don’t really want to e.g. apply for and search for jobs that i neither like or want. i just talk to my self about what else i could be doing, or make up some kind of lovely fantasy about Roy. NOTHING RUDE CALM YOUR PANTS.. i just REALLY like hugs..which is kinda point 3.

Reason 3

Missing People

Mostly Roy.. Sometimes i just cant have the things i want from people i like more than i should, and to stop myself being a stalker/annoying psychopath i just sit in the dark and think about how great stuff would be if they actually did give a s**t

Reason 4

I’ve gone bat-shit crazy!

i’m always mostly sure i’m nuts, because i genuinely get swept up in the whole talking to myself, or imaginary people. more so after an episode of Jeremy kyle where people are really mad, or just plain retarded.. oh wait, thats the entire show isn’t it?


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