Friend Problems · Life Problems · Love Problems

I’m So Tired

Of just everything

I’m tired of doing nothing most days and just waiting around for people to feel like talking to me.

I’m tired of being in the house that I live in and of feeling like shit all the time.

I’m tired of my family being so stressful and weird .. (the bad kind)

I’m tired of being friends with people that I for the life of me can’t stand to be friends with. Who tell me what to do and how they (incorrectly) tell me how my body works when they have absolutely no idea whats wrong with it.

I’m tired of no one listening to me or paying a speck of interest… But at the same time I’m tired of people (government employed) taking to much interest in what I’m doing and telling me what to do all day all the time .

I’m tired of not knowing if the person I an bat shit crazy in love with even likes me at all or if they don’t want to bother being my friend anymore.

I’m just really really tired

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