Love Problems

Just a little negativity

Roy is being weird again. Disappearing off at random points in time. It makes me worry.. but he knows that. Not that I have any right to worry of course.. it’s not his fault I made him the center of my universe and the act was not reciprocated (as far as I know.. I’m pretty sure.. I think). It’s frustrating not knowing where you stand when it comes to people you like. Especially  when you’ve told them so many times that you like them and they have ignored you/changed the subject and never really said out rightly that they do or do not like you.

Just be honest. Rip away the bandaid. Do the guy or girl that likes you a favourite and don’t string them along. Because while you’re having the time of your life, with some other girl or guy in secret  their sat at home, wondering where you’ve gone, or if they said something wrong or made you mad. And everywhere they look they’ll see you or think of you and every little think will remind them of you. “hey that looks cool (i wonder if Roy would let me buy it for him)” 
Sometimes love can make you feel… Just the shittiest


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