Friend Problems · Life Problems

Problems of a negative loner

People are annoying. Things they do are annoying.. everything and anything they say can be annoying.
They don’t talk to you – it’s annoying
They talk to you too much – it’s annoying
They only talk about themselves – annoying
They want to talk about you – annoying

So.. everyone’s annoying me. The drug queen of lighthouse Hoe town keeps dumping her sadness on me. Telling me things I don’t want to know. Like about her step sister or something who had cancer and died a week ago and was puking up her own poo and went into a fun filled informational story.
You probably don’t know this but I am already melancholy eniugh, I avoid the news, sad posts on the internet. Basically trap myself in a little hole in my room.
All she’s been doing is “im sad, better go shit all over my friends day”

And there’s Roy. Who does nothing but ‘sleep’ and ignore me and do nothing but complain. I usually give him things because I like to. But he asked me to help him with something and I said “what do I get out of this” hoping for some kind of hug or pat on the head.. I was disappointed when the answer was ” not murdered”.
Sometimes I wonder what the point to helping or putting up with peoples crap is.. but I’m a door mat so it will likely never change


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