Life Problems · Slightly Less Depressing

Reasons my diets fail

So I keep meaning to eat less random crap.
I really like fruit but it’s so expensive.. in comparison to crisps and burgers and things. You can get 10 thin beef burgers for a £1 but if you want to buy a (e.g) mango or pomegranate it’s £1.60+ per small fruit .. the only vegetables that I can get that are a decent price for the amount your buying is things that make me want to puke.
I’ve been living on candy for about a week now.. and chips (87p for a giant frozen bag of them) maybe if I actually had enough money from one day to the next it wouldn’t be a big deal but it seems like healthy food should be easier to get your hands on than things that make your body fat percentage go up just from looking at it. Even 2 litres of ice cream is less expensive than fruit!


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