Life Problems

I feel like the world has done nothing but lie to me.

And here is why.
Every film is a day dream. A ‘perfectly imperfect’ story, the kind where two people meet and they BOTH fall in love. occasionally one person will die and it will be terribly sad. But at least they met and the feelings were reciprocated. It would be a fairly Shitty film or story if one person catfished the other and when they finally met the other didn’t like them.. end of story.

People always lie. “i can eat what ever I want and don’t gain any weight! When all they’re eating is a carrot a day or they spend half their day exercising to burn off all those calories.
I don’t even exercise. When they actually do A LOT.

All this false information leading you to believer that life is easier than it seems and you can just do what you like.


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