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Today was quiet… And I hated it

I’m pretty sure silence is only considered golden when it’s the missing noise from someone you wish you were not in contact with finally shuts their mouth.
When its someone you want to talk to ever second of everyday, it’s extremely different. It’s horrible.. excruciating.. nails on a chalk board. That kind of loud when you go outside at night and there’s not even the sound of bugs to sweeten the air. The king that gets worse the longer it lasts. Like sitting in a room that’s been heavily sound proofed and you go insane or have a panic attack after 5 minutes.
It almost makes it worse when you get one message and then no reply, back to the creepy silence. Like someone shouting your name in the dark and your not sure if they’ve just been murdered or if they’re too busy playing video games to say anything else.
The lack of noise makes sleeping very difficult


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