Friend Problems · Life Problems

What do you do when you hate your friends?

The rational part of me says, dump them, ditch them, throw them away or ignore them. The part of me that cares too much worries that my doing so will hurt them, because I’m the one that bares the brunt of their problems.
It’s bad enough that I have the weight of my own small world on my shoulders without other people’s worlds to juggle too.

I think I’m much too nice. I don’t like ignoring people and I don’t like telling people that they’re doing things that trouble/annoy/bother/bewilder me. I wish I could tell people I don’t want to go to a place or deal with their shit without them thinking I don’t want to be friends with them. Because when they are happy enough and friendly and dont mention things that upset me, i can deal with them being around.. but if I was better at having a choice I would rather be alone…
Such moral dilemmas.. any advice?


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