Love Problems

A Letter, My Love. That you shall never get.

Dear Boy,
Dear dear stupid boy,

I love you. I know you don’t love me. And that’s okay.
I want you happy, and healthy and to have everything you ever want. I’ll get them for you, no strings attached. If you feel guilty you can give me a smile back.
I’d ask for a hug but I know that’s too much for you, that you don’t like it when we touch. It makes you uncomfortable, knowing how I feel. But.. if you ever need one.. I’ll be more than willing to give them to you for free.
Will you tell me when you’re busy though? I don’t like it when you get gone like that. One second you’re here that next your not.
And I know you’re only joking when you say you’re going to ditch me.. at least I hope.. please tell me that you won’t. It’s hard enough already, to worry about you, the places you go, the people you might meet.. the girls you probably flirt with who aren’t me.

I should try and sleep, goodnight.


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