Life Problems

It’s late. I can’t sleep.

Again, I’m trapped in the insomniatic claws of, what I assume now, is lonelyness. This only seems to happen to me when important people (or person really) in my life pay me little attention.
I want to sleep, to widdle down the time between short and sweet conversation (except not really sweet.. pretty bland to be honest with you).
I have resorted to watching Ghost Hunters. Which gives me nightmares and makes me paranoid… This could be another reason for the insomnia. I’m not really sure what I’m writing at the moment I’m just kind of putting my thoughts down. Incase you’re wondering what I’m blabbering on about.
Also my lights and screens just turned off and now I’m laying in the dark.. sigh. I’m SO alone


3 thoughts on “It’s late. I can’t sleep.

  1. You should surround yourself with happy things or things that give positive vibes. Ghost hunters will only add to your down feeling. You need to help yourself get up and going instead of being stuck with the loneliness. It all starts with you. If you want to feel different, you have got to think different, act different.


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