Life Problems

How not to exercise

I may have covered this before. I’m not sure. But last year I got really into trying to exercise, I bought a skipping rope, a giant green ball that you sit on and roll about and such. I wrote exercises down and stuck them on the walls to places I would do them, I got a bunch of background dvds to have on while I did them.. but motivation just isn’t my thing and I gave up about this time last year.

So I decided to start again but it’s defiantly not going to plan my routine so far has been:
Arm circles
Eat food
Ball leg exercises
Eat food
Wall push ups
Eat food
Arm circles
Eat food
Green Ball stretching exercises
Eat food..


I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to do much else between exercises. Food tastes good.. and everything else leaves my hands free to eat food.
Damn my weak will


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