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Things I’ll never (angry rant) say

You know those times, where you’re so angry at a person, but you know you have no real reason or right to be, so you just yell at them in your mind for an unpredictable amount of time? Today is one of those days

You Jackass,
I spent all day alone, and sad, cleaning my room ALL DAY. Wondering what you were doing, after that ONE message you sent me at 2 fucking pm, untill 10 ‘o’clock when -I- messaged you a SECOND TIME (the first being right after you sent one to me) only to discover you’d been doing shit all ALL DAY. You couldn’t talk to me even little?! Or did you just completly forget my entire existence?! Not too surprising considering I probably mean NOTHING TO YOU. WHAT. SO. EVER.

Ugh.. I hate everything


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