Life Problems

Decisions, decisions

It’s my birthday soon. And birthday means money (in very small amount) which I must either save for something or squander it away on nicknacks.
Here are my three ideas for said money:

Option 1
Ps4 – the upside of which is that.. I would have a ps4 and maybe a game to play on it, with Him maybe.. if I’m lucky.. which I’m so very not. £££

Option 2
A brand new, shiny Guitar – I’m thinking sky  blue, with a thin neck for my stubby fingers, a shoulder strap and it’s very own bag… But that could go into the ridiculous ££££..

Option 3
A trip somewhere with Him – this one could cost less.. or the same as a ps4 (since I’d have to travel across the country £££). Maybe we could go to the zoo, or the cinema or aquarium of some kind? I’d like to go some place I could just kinda watch him without too much attention being paid to me. Of course the likelyhood of him wanting to see me is less than 2% so this would be an “if I’m allowed” option.. £££

I like the idea of 2 the best at the moment, because 3 seems unlikely and 1 seems less exciting. But I probably wouldn’t even play with it much .. I don’t know..
I wish someone could tell me what I would like best.. sigh


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