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Days go so slowly without you

So he’s hardly spoken to me since I asked him why he didn’t like me.
Two and a half days. I haven’t eaten. I stayed in bed all day yesterday and the day before. I wouldn’t have got up today if I’d had a choice in the matter. Every minute he doesn’t speak to me my heart breaks just a little more. But at the same time I’m kind of glad he hasn’t said much. It’s really Shitty knowing how he thinks of me. Thinking I’m some stalker that saves all his pictures and is obsessive about his activities. If that was true I would have added him on Facebook YEARS ago. But I don’t care to know. I don’t want to know.  I have so many questions about it and I’m never going to get a truthful answer. I know he’d just tell me whatever sounds right.
I mean.. if he really thinks of me like this. As a creep who stalks him. Then why has he bothered being my friend this long after he decided it.
This is so unfair and confusing


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