Friend Problems · Life Problems · Love Problems

I don’t know what to do

Or say.. or anything.
In one day my entire world has gone down the shit hole.
No Him for me. I feel like a dumb 14 year old. “but wahhhhh he was my everything, I don’t wanna live without him”. But I’m not a dumb 14 year old. I’ve had relationships before and this hurts so much more than they did.. I’ve basically been called a creepy psycho. I asked him why he didn’t like me anymore. (it’s only taken me 7+months to work up the courage) And apparently it’s because I looked at his tumblr account one time when I was sad. There was nothing on it other than funny pictures, mostly that he’d already shared with me. So I didn’t see a problem with it. I never went looking for what he’d been doing or rummaged through the internet finding whatever little bits of information I could on him.. one stupid mistake that wasn’t even anything and he suddenly didn’t want to date me anymore because “if we went out it would just exasterbate” 
All I ever wanted to do was make him smile and laugh and give him everything I could. And he didn’t care enough about me to tell me he didn’t like me. This whole time I was thinking about him and when I could next see him. That dumb ass wish I made about my birthday. So much time and effort wasted.. I can’t believe that this whole time THAT’S  what he thinks of me. I’ve know him for three years and he thinks that I’d be like that if I was his girlfriend..
I feel sick.
I hate that I love him so much and he’s done this to me…


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