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I want to talk

To Him.. or you or someone that can tell me what’s happening.
I’m so confused and I just want to know.. this all feels so unfair.
I want to argue my way out of it. To convince him to give me a chance.. to try me out for a month and see that I’m not the way he thinks I am.
But I know it would be useless.. I want to sleep.. and never wake up.


3 thoughts on “I want to talk

  1. Doesn’t he have a girlfriend already? Kinda sounds like he’s been lying and stringing you along, which really sucks. I’m sorry he’s upset you so much, you seem lovely and deserve better.


    1. I dont really know for sure, but i would guess so. Thats pretty much what it feels like. I want answers, real ones but hes not really talking to me now. And i dont know if its because i made things awkward by asking or if its because hes finished college and is spending all his time with someone. And that makes me feel ill


      1. Aw this all sounds horrible. If you want the real answers, maybe you should call him out and outright ask him? idk, I’d ask him the stuff you wanna know even if it’s uncomfortable, put him on the spot, you deserve to know after this long. It’s not fair on you at all. It might hurt but it’s probably better for you in the long run to call him out on his bullshit and not let him string you along anymore and get away with his lying. You should know where you stand, you really do deserve better than this. I’m really sorry he’s made you so down, I know it sucks, here if you wanna talk.


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