Love Problems

I wish I hadn’t said anything

Three days ago, everything was fine and dandy.
Then I had to go and have a bout of depression and ask a stupid question ” I realise this is awkward to ask but I can’t mull this stuff over anymore or it will just bother me forever.
I assume you didn’t like me as more than a friend after you visited. But you acted like everything was ‘fine’ for such a long time afterwards, and I don’t get why you wouldn’t just tell me instead of avoiding saying anything out right and making it confusing for why?”

Three days ago I was just me and blissfully ignorant. Fuck I’m such a twat.
This is exactly what I was afraid of. This whole thing. This is the whole reason I didn’t ask before now. I hate being ignored. I hate knowing what he thinks of me. I did nothing wrong and… This.
No fairytail. No hugs, not a single chance of a kiss on the horizon. I’m glad I haven’t eaten.. if I had, I’d be puking right about now.

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