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The more I think about it the worse I feel

I’m probably going to be posting a lot because I want to get all these thoughts off my head and i have no one to talk with about them.

So I’m going over everything that’s happened in the last year or last few months. And I just feel like more and more of an ass. It was only a couple of months ago we played dead space together on headsets. And if he didn’t like me then.. I must have seemed like a total idiot. “you’re speaking too quietly” “uh sorry, I’m just nervous” ..
This whole thing makes no sense.. AT ALL.
it has to be total bullshit. There’s no way he could of been wanting to play games with me so recently and suddenly be so weird about me liking him…
I hate this. The not knowing. But I’d hate to know just as much.. argh.. someone kill me?

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