Life Problems · Slightly Less Depressing

Physically Can’t Sleep More/What should I get?

The Nytol has stopped working. I should probably give it a rest for a day.
In the mean time. I’m trying to figure out what I should spend my birthday money on. Not a ps4. Have no use for one now. Not a guitar. Probably too expensive.

I’ve wanted BTVS(Buffy) on DVD again for a really long time, so maybe that, it’s only £50 at the moment for all 7 seasons.
Maybe I’ll get Angel too £40ish
Wish I could get them before hand, so I have something to do in the mean time.
Guess I could play Don’t starve. But that reminds me of food, and my belly gets all upset…

Anyone think of anything I should get? Candy maybe? A body pillow of Ryan Reynolds?


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