Slightly Less Depressing

To Add to my last post

Maybe a Tattoo for my birthday?
I hear people do irrational things when they’re sad. Or just things they were to afraid of before. Which sounds about right to me after the last few days.
So I was thinking, if I can find a good artist, someone that doesn’t mind me bringing them pictures I already drew (to perfection I might add) that I could get a tattoo.
Just the outline. I’m too much of a pain wimp to go for colours as well but maybe I could add colour when my wallet replenishes.
This is what I want-


“But J! You should wait till you’re not crazy” don’t worry. I’ve actually wanted this for a really long while. I drew it a couple of years ago actually and I still think it’s what I want.
And hopefully it wouldn’t hurt tooo much

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