Life Problems

I’m worried about doing things

That I’ll do something innocent, and HE will see and construed it as me stalking him.
I don’t even want to open my whatsapp or turn on my ps3 – it automatically signs in.
I don’t know what parts of the internet he’s on or anything.. for all I know he’s tracked down my blog and is smuggly sitting at home with his hands full of pizza.
I’m freaking out. I know that.
What he said to me has really bothered me though. It’s not like I can prove to him that I’m not a creep in any way shape or form.
Can’t talk to him because he said I wasn’t allowed. (unless he speaks first and so on)
I feel pretty confined right now. In a mentally forced cage and I really don’t like it at all.

I’ll take it one pasta piece at a time though I guess


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