Life Problems · Love Problems

What do you do when everything reminds you of them?

So.. I cant do anything right now. Everything reminds me of him.
Can’t play games – he was the reason I got them.
Can’t watch Simpson’s – he always watched them
Can’t even look at food – I bought him dinner a lot
Can’t drink fizzy drinks – he always drinks fizzy drinks
Can’t play the Sims – I made him on it (ages ago)
Can’t even look at my room – he’s been in it

What do you do, when everything reminds you if someone you love that’s decided you shouldn’t even be friends?
I hung a painting.


And I changed my clothes. I drank some water. And I deleted as much of his stuff from my phone as I could mentally cope with (his art projects and whatnot)
That’s all.. it’s been slow and painful today

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