Love Problems

A sweet memory

I want to post this here. I found it saved in my phone. Its A conversation that we had a while ago.
At least it’s proof i didnt just imagine that he had feelings for me at some point.

Him: “Madness”? This. Is. Sparta!! D:< *nudges your tummy with my foot* ^u^

Me: *giggles and hugs your leg* you're so funny hehe

Him: *acts trapped* my leg! D: ahhh! What is this ninjary!?

Me: *quickly traps your other leg too and rests my cheek against your knee* I am the almighty foxsquirrle

Him: *tucks up so I can kiss your cheek* you are pretty foxy ouo

Me: Quit talking to yourself, also you missed *let's go of your legs and kisses you on the lips quickly*

Him: Only a quick one? :O *smooshes your cheeks together and kisses you deeply, smiling against your lips as I taste you happily* ^x^

Me: I'm sorry *chuckles and kisses you back, nipping you and mumbleing against your lips* I love you

Him: *takes your hands and stands close to you* I love you too, sincerely :$

Me: ^_^ strange man *cuddles you tightly*

Him: Not really, I mean you're beautiful, smart, funny, sweet, caring, cool, weird and exactly what I want :3<3


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