Love Problems

It was nothing!

He said I should watch the Fallout presentation from E3.
That means he thinks about me sometimes at least.. or that he has no one else to talk to about games.

It was a whole conversation! *dances* It stopped a bit short on me (5 minutes ago.. so I could be wrong) but it feels good! I’m not cast out of his mind just yet. I really want to prove I can be normal with him.. even if it is for fruitless reasons. But I’ve missed him really bad the last four days. Distance isn’t a good idea if you want a person to not like you. “absence makes the heart grow fonder” .. which is a little depressing.


3 thoughts on “It was nothing!

  1. Just saying- (everyone has different opinions)
    Sometimes thinking those little things mean someone thinks about u or hasn’t forgotten u are pointless. Making those assumptions are a complete waste of time unless you literally do something and find out whatever u need (didn’t mean to offend u lol)


    1. I dont really think that makes sense. Also, id be careful saying things like that to strangers, you could ruin someones day quiet easily, destroying what could be the last bit of hope they have. Lucky for you, today isnt so bad for me


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