Life Problems

I’ve always been right

When it matters. About life. About what’s going to happen. About the ends of things. I’ve always just known.
When ever my friends have been losing their shit, losing their minds or their boyfriends. I’ve been right.
“he dumped you? He’s not worth shit” – he wasn’t
“that guy dumped you? He’s going to see how stupid he’s being, and come crawling back” – he did
I just wish I knew what was happening to my life, the important people in it. If they’re going to come back or not. I feel like he won’t. Like this is it. The end.
I can’t express how much I hope I’m wrong. It will be the end of me. One way or another. I can’t be this person anymore without him. If that means I have to be someone else, so be it.


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