Friend Problems

A Note Before Good-Night

20 minutes till my birthday.
It doesn’t feel like my birthday.
I’m going to try and ‘hit the hay’ before it ticks over. Otherwise I’ll be annoyed by the absence of well wishes from my, now-not-so-best friend… Eh he’s still my best friend in my mind. I wonder how long it will take me to realise hes gone if he decides to never speak to me again.. I hope I don’t get the chance to find out.
I’m probably going to view tomorrow as a sort of test. He usually doesn’t notice when it’s my birthday. So if he take the trouble just to say “happy birthday” at least I’ll know I mean enough that he actually remembered for once. But I hold out very little hope of that. It would be just so HIM to forget, that I just expect nothing.
Anyway off to bed.
Night all x

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