Life Problems

Day 9

So yesterday, he messaged me. We talked for a bit, less than an hour I think. But he reminded me about the E3 fallout unveiling!
Which I’m kind of glad about. I’ve actually had something to do today. Since they released Fallout Shelter – apple devices only. It’s awesome! I love it. It’s like having a multi pet tamagotchi(?). I have something to do is my point. Which is amazing. Because I don’t even have to turn on my ps3 still. The longer I can go without it the better (because of previously stated reasons).

On another note. I’m going to be my sister’s dress up doll tomorrow. She’s doing my nails and gluing tiny pretend eyelashes onto my real ones (she’s a beauty technician) which sounds weird and terrifying.
It’s my birthday(tomorrow). And I’m still torn about what I should get.

Ps4 is back on the table since the reveal of the Final fantasy 7 remake.

Tattoo is adorable and I really want it

Buffy dvds, I’ve wanted forever.


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