Life Problems · Slightly Less Depressing

Oh god my arms

So my mum went to a place and said
“yep that’s the pile of rust for me!” Then handed over £450 for a classic MG car body. Then neglected to buy help in moving/lifting the god damn thing.
So for about two or three hoursbetween four of us. I was lifting and moving a god damn rusty bug infested car. I’m really surprised I have any muscle that works considering I spend most of my days in bed watching tv. I’m more surprised that when the metal holder things (that you balance it on top of so it’s off the ground) fell over I managed to hold the piece of crap up on my own untill someone decided they would pay attention and help.

However my arm has exploded into little pin prick pools of blood under my skin. I look like I dragged the OTHER side of my flesh across a stone road.
This is going to hurt tomorrow.. happy birthday to me.


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