Life Problems

Short lived

My feeling fine has ran out again. I just miss him.
I want to go back to a week and two days ago and convince myself to not ask that question (why don’t you like me?)
It’s not like it’s just in my head, my heart is physically aching. It’s uncomfortable and I know it’s just because of him, it only happened when I think about him.
This whole situation is ridiculous. I haven’t really been any good at sleeping as well, which means I’m tired most of the day, and when you’re tired your mind kind of wonders off on it’s own thinking about things that would be sweet and make you happy. But then I realise what in thinking and it just pulls at my heart strings because I know it’s not going to happen.
Maybe I need therapy


2 thoughts on “Short lived

  1. Hey, I’ve been following this on your blog for the last week or two. There’s nothing quite as painful as losing a best friend, it’s worse than a breakup. I’m sure you have hundreds of unanswered questions and you probably spend hours in your head turning it over trying to find answers. There’s nothing you can really do except be good to yourself right now. Eat well, get plenty of fluids and sleep, and try to get some exercise if/when the mood strikes.

    The unfortunate truth is, people make up their own minds. If he’s decided he doesn’t want to be friends with you, there is nothing you can do to change his mind, and the best thing you could do is let it go. Friendships are complicated and take two people. And as much as you may feel like this is all your fault, it really isn’t. What kind of friend would he be to you now, if he cares so little for you? A bad friend, one you do not need in your life.

    Nothing can comfort you through this, not really – I’ve been there myself. But I do know that it will get easier, you will form new friendships with other people, and you will find a way to move past this, taking the lessons you’ve learned with you. It’s incredibly painful but it is just the close of one chapter of your life, not the end of the story. And this person is going to miss out on seeing the best you there is, the one you are still growing into. It is their loss not yours.

    If you ever need someone to vent to, please feel free to email me at I’m a good listener ❤

    All my love,


  2. Sorry meant to reply earlier. And i do agree with you completely. I just dont want to look back and not have tried my hardest to fix this. He’s important to me and i’d rather look back and be sure i have done everything(within reason) that i can to fix things. Than to look back and think of the thousands of ways i could have. Theres already a lot of things in my life like that and i’d rather that this wasnt one of them, however useless my actions are ^.^’. Thanks for listening to my ranting for such a long time though x


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