Slightly Less Depressing

Hey there, hi, hello, I’m drunk and blogging.

Best. Birthday. Ever
Though that might be the mellowing toxins in my system
My sister did my nails, which are actually really nice this time. Last time they looked like a 5 year old had tried. Then she did some eyelash extensions.(sorry for the up the nose picture but it’s all I have right now xD)


I drank a lot of things, cider, cola and vodka, wKd, and a ‘dirty pint’ that was the unfortunate draw of our Ring of fire drinking game. BUT it tasted good so I guess I don’t mind. I feel a little queezy now though.

HE! Said happy birthday to me which made me ecstatic because he actually managed to remember without me ever even mentioning it.

And on the way home I received a massive and almost awkwardly long hug from cute ADHD(as he shall now be known) who then told me that my brother had told him NOT to hug me, which I found strange but also not strange because I don’t REALLY like people hugging me or touching me (i have a weird personal space barrier) but I don’t think my brother is aware of that which makes me suspicious. But at the same time I could really use a hug right now because of HIM (this is getting ridiculous let’s call HIM Roy).

Erm and.. oh yes the only down point if the night was when an extra friend turned up and he looks heart wrenchingly like Roy which made me a bit somber but the drinking soon started up again so it wasn’t too distracting.

Plus they nicknamed my sister Grandma which.. was the best thing I have ever heard in my life. I only wish she had been less fun so I could have had more attention.. is that bad? 

TMI –  I decided to write this sitting on the toilet and my legs have fallen asleep. Fuck…

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