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I really hope I’m wrong

Once again I hope I’m wrong.
But I’m still so angry.
I can’t believe this, it is absolutely senseless.

Guy visits girl

Guy doesn’t like girl – dates another girl.

Doesn’t bother telling girl 1 about girl 2. Just assumes she will figure it out. All the while letting ignorant girl1 pay for food and presents for him.

A year later girl 1 having agonized over it being completely unsure where she stands – asks guy why he doesn’t like her.

Guy says she’s prone to internet stalking and she just says okay so that they can continue being friends and she can move on.

Guy stops talking to girl1 properly.

Girl1 asks why guy is being weird. Guy says he just feels like they shouldn’t talk as much.

Girl1 tries to deal with this and manages for a week. But suspicious about guy.

Girl1 gets slightly drunk and looks at guys facebook and discovers girl2.

Guy talks to girl1 who can only manage to be short and slightly annoyed.

Girl1 posts to SECRET blog about guy and girl2.

Guy deletes his kik account 5 minutes later.

I feel so fucking used right now. He better not have looked at my blog. All those things I’ve said.. ugh

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