Friend Problems · Life Problems

Yep pretty sure he found my blog

I could be wrong. But it’s a VERY VERY VERY low chance that he didn’t.
Under the circumstances that I am now faces with.
It would seem I have been blocked. (edit: he deleted. His. Entire. Messenger. account. Bit extreme, don’t you think?.)
“if the message is not for you then don’t read it”
What a crock of shit.

You told me not to trust you. I didn’t listen.
You told me you were good at lying to people. that I believed.
You told me that you “didnt have to lie to” me. You didn’t. But not because you weren’t talking about anything you had to lie about. BECAUSE I WAS YOUR FUCKING FRIEND AND I WOULD TAKE YOUR HONESTY AND GOD DAMN FRIENDSHIP OVER ANY KIND OF INTIMATE- RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.
You’re an idiot.
A selfish idiot.

I’m less angry now.
So I’m going to go curl up in the dark and cry myself to sleep.
Why do I always pick these people.


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