Life Problems

I’m up

I’m awake.
I made some food, a microwave burger. Took two tiny bites and then I just couldn’t eat it. Such a waste of food. Roy hasn’t talk to me since the deletion of his account. Though it seems odd he’s only severed the ties from one point and not any others., hasn’t deleted me from PSN etc.
I got my Tygerian(?sorry) necklace in the post today. I are the queen of dragons now.


Also I’ve been invited to the pub again tonight. I like beer and watching people talking, takes my mind off all the painful things that have happened recently. So I’m gonna go, I’ll probably be less fun that I was on Wednesday though since the entire withdrawal of friendship. But I’m sure I’ll be able to fake it enough to get by.

I really want to go back to sleep. I’ve got 7 hours to kill before I have to go anywhere, and no one to talk to in the mean time.


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