Slightly Less Depressing

I am home!

I’m not drunk. But I’m.. happier I suppose. It REALLY is a lot easier to deal with your best friend ditching you for a Shitty reason, when you have other people to distract you from said horribleness. It just feels odd that they’re not (or weren’t considered) my friends.
Like.. my friends are really shitty, don’t invite me to things even though they know I do nothing. But these people are just like “WHAT? YOU’RE FREE? GOOD LETS GO DO SOMETHING COOL”. It’s nice, I like it.

Apparently I’m funny, funnier than my sister(who’s old) I can live with being funny. Though it was followed up with “you’re like one of the guys” and I felt ever so slightly offended because I’m a girl and I want to rebound really badly xD. And then they spent a long walk back talking about which girls were attractive, which made me feel a bit self conscious because I’m gross and completely not attractive… ADHD wasn’t there though tonight so I guess that means it’s not as bad, since he didn’t say any of it. One of them even (somehow) climbed on top of a bus shelter and just crawled over it and jumped down the other side like.. a slightly less spectacular Spiderman. It was awesome.

I want to go back out. Just to sit and listen to them all talking, it’s better than listening to myself whine about Roy.
Turns out one of them (we’ll call him Prop-guy) worked on guardians of the galaxy and avengers props. I totally need money so I can get him to make me a film quality Buffy the vampire slayer – Chosen one Axe, dom the final season… He could even make FALLOUT REPLICATED ARMOUR. I am sooo fucking jealous right now, it’s insane. I almost Cried when he said he’d met Joss (can’t spell his last name, creator of buffy) it genuinely hurt my soul.


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