Life Problems

Is it just me?

Everyone seems to know what they want to do.
They’re doing it. And I’m here like “I’m not good at anything”
I don’t really know what I’m doing anymore. It’s easy for me to focus on things when I’m doing it for someone else. But I don’t have that anymore so I can’t see or feel like there’s a point to doing anything.

I mostly just enjoy doing things that people I like, like doing.. which is probably kind of stupid. But I really don’t know myself at all.

I know I like female singers. And flower smells.. I know I like bright colours, leggings and night time.
But that’s about all I know. I’ve tried so many things and I haven’t really enjoyed them. Video games are fun, but they’re not the most amazing things in the world. I can draw, but it’s not something fun.
I like reading books, but only in first person.
I like singing, but no one likes it when I do.

All I really know is that, I have no clue.. do you?


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