Life Problems

I am weird

I’m weird. Really odd. To an annoying degree.
I don’t know why I’m like this but it’s like I HAVE to do the most annoying things I possibly can. Like yesterday while I was at the pub (by yesterday I mean Friday night) a girl came and sat with us and I wanted to poke her nose.. I don’t know why. There wasn’t really a reason for it. I just wanted to reach over and BOOP.
I’m like this in so many ways though. It’s strange really. When I’m nervous I draw more attention to myself by making weird noises. Electric bird calls, noises from the grudge, cat sounds..
And when I like someone I pretty much fail at communication “you like that thing?! I…nibbles….rawr..”

I hope none of this seeps through today. I’m seeing my dad, so that means birthday presents, and food I won’t be able to eat. And ADHD might be coming over to watch a film (with my brother) but I figured I could worm my way in to join them and get an hour or two of quality staring done.

I’m sure I’ll post an update while I’m at lunch because frankly, it’s usually very boring, and lacking in conversation.


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