Slightly Less Depressing

Talking to myself.

I have a friend. He’s a he. He’s being a total female about this girl he likes. “she’s not texting me. She won’t text me. I asked her on a date. There will be no date”
It’s cute. I wish someone would worry themselves over me like that. I thought that someone had but now I guess it was probably a deception to make me think I was special. She’s pretty lucky though so I’m glad she started talking to him again today. He’s a nice guy and .. although dry with his humour he’s managed to at least make me laugh the last two weeks when I was curled up in bed with a swollen crying face.
I feel awkward saying this but I actually wished that she would talk to him for him last night. I make a lot of wishes.. sometimes they do good.

ADHD has come over, well they went out for beer and alcohol. But I get to stare and feel awkward for like two or three hours so. Yay for me!
We’re going to have take-out, so I’ll probably be so full I’ll throw up later.
And tomorrow I get my Buffy dvds so I’ll have something to do a lot.
There was something else I wanted to say but I can’t really remember what it was now. I’m sure I’ll remember later tonight..
See y’all x


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