Life Problems


I have too many of them.
“sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones. But you still have to choose” – Dr who

It seems like I’ve had nothing but bad choices for a really long time. Where are my good choices? Which star do I wish on to get a good choice?
Where is The Doctor when you need him. Blue box and all?

I’m full of fairytales. I’m sure that’s a bad thing. I’m always expecting something awesome to happen to me but it never does because there’s no such thing as magic and happy endings..
All I want is someone who likes me, that I can like back, and just be allowed to cling to them for the rest of forever.. but apparently that’s too much to ask. The only people that are attracted to me are ones that haven’t met me. which is the single most depressing thing i have ever realised in my life.


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