I am more confused than ever In my last 20+ years

Seriously what the fuck is up with Roy?
Some of you may know but for those who don’t – I basically thought that he had found my blog and was being an a-hole in reaction to my ill-gained epiphany.
I also assumed – advised by the kik q&a page that he’d deleted his account. I wanted to complain to him and sent a message to the ‘deactivated’ account.
And low and behold I got a reply…?


Unfortunately I happen to know that this is bull. I mean he’s lied to me for a year why would he stop now.
I really don’t understand what the fuck is happening. What he is thinking. Like.. I’ve seriously never been so confused by a person in my whole fucking life.
Can anyone? Someone! Please for the love of god, explain this shit to me?


3 thoughts on “I am more confused than ever In my last 20+ years

  1. Who knows what thoughts run through the brain of a selfish liar. It’s hard but you should try to stop caring about him. I realize how ridiculous that sounds – if you could just “stop caring”, if it were THAT easy, you wouldn’t be sitting there feeling stupefied by his garbage. I think the point you will eventually have to come to, is that this guy is not worth your time or energy, and anything you give him is wasteful because he will never reciprocate.

    Sorry đŸ˜¦ it sucks, I know.


    1. Thats true. And the rational part of my head is telling me to just be rid of him and go about my life, doing things that i should have been doing this whole time. But the irrational part is still clinging on for dear life, even after everything i’ve found out. i’ll just have to compromise with myself untill the irration part of my head is done being a 12 year old haha.. :/

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      1. I know how that goes. Your heart will catch up with your head eventually. Just try to make good, rational decisions. It’s ok to feel things, even irrational things, but ultimately you have to take care of yourself.

        The other part of this is, Roy used to be one of your dearest friends, but what kind of friend could he possibly be to you now? No one is perfect but a good friend is honest, supportive, admits when they screw up, and feels bad about it. Someone who can’t do those things can’t be a good friend to you. You deserve good friends, so don’t sell yourself short on this one.

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