Love Problems

Things I remember

I keep remembering things. Things I’ve said to Roy in the last year. He had so many opportunities to just tell me that he had a girlfriend. So many awkward things I’ve said and he didn’t even bat an eyelid.
Like back in February when I said I would send him a Valentine’s card and all he did was basically say “go on then”. God I feel so horrible. All of the things I’ve said to him.
Back in October

Idiot me: “i just want to snooze on your chest”
Him: “why?”
Idiot me: “uh.. because :$”
Him: “To listen to my heart beat?”
Idiot me: “Yus óuò”

And he never said anything. Nothing. Ever.
I hate him. I hate that he didn’t tell me, that I embarrassed myself so completely for an entire year. I just feel stupider and stupider as time goes on.


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