Life Problems

I’ve eaten too much today

So you may know( feel i find myself starting post like this a lot lately)
That Ive had some very sparce eating habits the last two weeks.
I shouldn’t have forced myself to eat so much on Sunday and monday. I broke my responsible streak. I was doing pretty good, water all day around and a nibble here and there.
I’m sure it was the kebab that did it.
All that delicious chilli covered doner meat.. my mouth is watering. I might have to starve myself proactively for another week to get back to a healthy norm.
I think my brain replaces the need for water with the need for food because when I ‘binge’ I am never thirsty. I can go all day without a glass of water. I need to rectify to situation. I have (go me) faught every urge to throw up, though it may have been a better idea in the short term. (i say go me because last time I threw up from being too full I spent. Week bingeing and the expelling the foods from my insides. Which is.. disgusting as well as unhealthy.
Tomorrow I shall try very hard to drink my glasses of water and ditch the unnecessary calories. It would be no good to go from one extreme to the other in such a short amount of time.


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