Life Problems

Day 16 + food

I dutifully went to my appointment today. I just sat in a room and said my life was shitty and that no one has called me about any jobs I’ve applied to.
Felt really pointless.
I ate a ‘medium’ sushi thing, that was about 6 pieces of bite size sushi.
I like sushi, but it’s expensive.
I have more money than I thought I did.
I’m now sitting at the bus stop (probably smelling terrible because I think I’ve sweat through my clothing) surrounded by bags of food. I intend to freeze most of these. I bought 7 pizzas, 40… Yes 40 burgers and a couple of cottage pies. Costing me a total of £17. If all goes to plan this will keep me fed for about a month.. or.. two/three weeks at the max I suppose. Hopefully other people will eat some of it and save me the terrible opportunity of eating a burger every ten minutes..

Tomorrow I have to go to SOUTHAMPTON. I fucking hate that place. Not because it’s a bad place. I just hate crowds and flocks of people. It’s going to suck.

Here’s to terrible forsight *clinks my glass on your device of choice*

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