Life Problems

I have decided to change my hair – normal will be odd

So… I’ve been debating for a while now, to change my hair it’s been weird coloured for a really long time. It’s purple at the moment. Its been blonde and blue and pink and .. green and .. like.. every colour you could ever imagine in the last 7ish years.
So for once I’m going to try normal. But an interesting normal. Not just a flat one shade of colour.
I’m thinking two colours of brown with some blondey mixed in. It will be frightfully dull but.. maybe I’ll be someone else for a bit. I always feel better when I change my hair. It probably won’t last very long. But it’s worth a try. More so under the depressing circumstances.
Wish me luck on my quest.
For the night is dark and full of terrors

Additionally – here’s the colours I picked out at the shop. I figured I’d just tag it into this post rather than make a whole new one ^_^


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