Life Problems

Hair-ventures part 1

One day,
Far away, in a distant univers.
There was.. a hair. A hair that wanted to be just like everyone else. Dull and boring and the pinnical of poshness. (what the fuck is happening right now?)
This hair! Was Purple. One day Purple decided to do something to a-TONE (HAHA GET IT?) And be like everyone else again.
She bought.. a box dye. It three


And she began the painful and slow task of readying herself for colourant (i can’t even stop)
To change the way she was. Forever.

Okayyy so I’ve gone from this –


To green- I didn’t take a picture because i was mortified xD  it was like.. minty pastel blue.

To THIS HORRIFYING MESS of pink- (during colour correction) 


To the perfect blonde base! –


Tomorrow. It holds the dark.

The light brown actually.. it’s kinda in the middle… It’s a 6


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